1st Partner Assembly held in Brussels

HISENTS held its 1st Partner Assembly in Brussels on 28th October, hosted by the Brussels branch of KoWi. The meeting was attended by representatives from all HISENTS partners and the EC Project Officer, Nicolas Segebarth. The meeting provided an ideal opportunity to present the progress achieved so far to Nicolas and also discuss plans going forward. A Work Package meeting was held on the day previous in order to discuss the integration of the biological and technical requirements in more detail.

Top: Andrew Nelson, University of Leeds, talks to HISENTS consortium at 1st Partner Assembly. 2nd down: Nik Kapur, University of Leeds, leads discussions on the integration of microfluidics at Work Package meeting. 3rd down: Victor Puntes, ICN2, gives a summary of the methods they use to analyse nanoparticles. Bottom: HISENTS team photo.