HISENTS Stakeholder Workshop

The HISENTS project on nanoparticle toxicity screening is now in the midway stage of its research. At this stage the consortium seeks to report on the work undertaken thus far and discuss with stakeholders about needs and new approaches in nano safety screening.


HISENTS project partners reported on research from the EU funded HISENTS project to external stakeholders who offered insights into their needs and ideas for HISENTS Technology. An open discussion session for participants offered ideas of opportunities for HISENTS in the future, and will be instrumental in shaping elements of the project. This workshops main focus was on nanomaterials, but also other topics such as water quality and microplastics were discussed.
Barry Hardy Talk

The objectives of this workshop were to:

  • Facilitate communication between the research consortium and commercial partners.
  • Give an up-to-date review of the state of the art in nano safety assessment and screening techniques.
  • Discuss the vision of use for developed technologies.
  • Find out what the problems are in industry and discuss if our technology can address these problems.
  • Discuss how to adapt our current setup or how to design commercially viable approaches.
  • Develop approaches for bridging the gap between the academic work and an industrial product.
  • Transfer invaluable information between both parties in discovering new tools for screening nanoparticles or chemicals.
  • Discuss the path for technologies from research towards industry.
  • Allow stakeholders to present their needs and “wishes” for new technologies.
  • Find answers to the questions: (I) What would the perfect nanosafety platform look like? (II) What information would stakeholders require from the platform? (III) What is the perfect setup of a high-throughput screening tool for risk assessment?
  • Discuss the future and state of the art of “Human-on-chip” instruments.
  • Receive feedback on our current HISENTS concept and platform for further work in the future of both this project and beyond.

HISENTS MealHISENTS Group Stakeholder

The agenda, and a technical note regarding HISENTS can be downloaded at the following links: